Spider’s Place Comic Books

The comic books were produced by the Handspring Trust in the late 1990s with funding from USAID and were used extensively by the Primary Science Programme a partner of the Handspring Trust. When both organisations closed their doors they ceded the copyright of the materials to COUNT.  Our first strategy was to enter into a partnership  with a commercial publishing house to help us market the materials. This did not yield good results and so we decided to make the comic books available in  electronic form as an OER.

Click on the images to download the booklets

spiders-place-the-smelly-green-stuff-colour-1 spiders-place-the-secret-pool-colour-1 spiders-place-the-perfect-city-bird-colour-1 spiders-place-the-hot-vetkoek-colour-1 spiders-place-the-great-train-robbery-colour-1 spiders-place-spiders-electric-web-colour-1 spiders-place-jays-dream-machine-colour-1 spiders-place-james-and-the-giant-cucumber-colour-1 spiders-place-how-to-become-a-great-detective-colour-1 spiders-place-heavens-above-colour-1 spiders-place-handspring-primary-science-programme-1 spiders-place-too-hot-to-handle-colour-1