This guide originally developed by COUNT for the GDE in 2008 was since updated by COUNT in collaboration with SAIDE and is now available as an OER. The guide provides Grade 1, 2 and 3 educators with:
  • a progression of appropriate activities that introduce young learners to the basic mathematical understanding, knowledge and skills that they should develop during their early schooling;
  • ideas and examples of interesting practice activities that will help learners consolidate and extend their understanding and skills;
  • suggestions for suitable interventions, support and challenges to meet the needs of both struggling learners and learners who are ready to go ahead;
  • ideas and examples of resources that educators can use to enrich and extend the activities at the end of each section, for each grade, you will find lists of possible resources you can use, and at the end of the document you will find a Resources section which includes examples of worksheets and of materials you can copy for distribution to your learners;
  • a discussion of the approach to learning and teaching mathematics that we adopt in this programme.
You will note there are no direct links to CAPS as the guide is intended s a resource for any educator in whatever country he/she maybe located. The content areas covered are universal and educators can easily make the links for themselves with the curriculum they may be using.