Introducing Family Maths

COUNT’s SACE endorsed Family Maths Programme (FMP) offers alternative fun and interactive methods of Grade 1-7 mathematics education. The FMP training and workshops comprise of simple mathematical games and puzzles that can be played by anyone with/without technical mathematics skills but these games can teach mathematics concepts linked to Grade 1-7 mathematics curriculum. The main aim of FMP is to demystify maths and get parents/caregivers involved in the teaching and learning of their children. FMP supports parental involvement and engagement and this results in:

  • better learner education outcomes,
  • enhanced learner engagement with school work,
  • more regular learner school attendance,
  • better learner behaviour, and
  • Increased learner social skills.


The Family Maths Programme compliments teacher development very well as it offers innovative and fun ways to present maths concepts to learners and in turn creates learner willingness to learn which is necessary for real learning to occur. FMP also allows parents to participate in the teaching and learning of their children through playing interactive and relatable maths games.