Established in 1989, COUNT is a registered NPO and PBO with more than 30 years of experience in mathematics education. Our focus is on introducing alternative, innovative and fun ways of maths education in under resourced schools and communities. We also set out to demystify maths and increase parental involvement in the teaching and learning of maths. We do this through our Family Maths Programme (FMP), Maths Teacher Development Programme (TDP) and Family Maths, Science and Literacy (FMSL).

As an independent service provider, we take on the maths development challenge by constantly re-evaluating our programmes and approaches in order to find practical, achievable, and imaginative solutions that meet the needs of current times.

Socio-economic issues in South Africa continue to widen the gap of access to quality maths education between the privileged and underprivileged. To name a few, limited access to teaching resources, limited capacity of educators, overcrowded classrooms, the disconnect between parents/caregivers and schools and societal fear of mathematics continue to undermine maths development efforts. COUNT employs an ethnographic approach to offer a maths teaching and learning approach of maths that is linked to familiar indigenous games, household chores but also based on the maths curriculum

Our special recognition goes to Ms Penny Smith, COUNT’s Founder and now Former Director of 27 years, who saw the maths challenges that the South African education system was facing before it became big news and realised the need for parental involvement in maths education and development before this became a trend. COUNT thanks you for all the lives the organisation has touched because you dedicated your life to the transformation of maths education for the most marginalised and underprivileged in South Africa.

With that, we welcome and introduce our sitting Director, Mr Simangaliso Twala who is a renowned educationalist in the maths community and has worked in COUNT for more than twenty years. May your leadership lead the organisation to new greater heights.

At COUNT, we believe a winning nation is a numerate nation and continue to strive to offer innovative and cutting edge solutions to numeracy/maths education and development in South Africa.