Hey Dad!

Hey Dad! is an app especially created for busy dads.
Here you will find short, fun and affordable activities to do with your child.
The Hey Dad! activities are designed to not only entertain your child but teach them important maths, science and literacy skills at the same time.

Activities are available in video, hosted on YouTube and in the app, and text format.

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COUNT provides fun, innovative and creative workshops to Teachers and Learners. We incorporate the South African educational curriculum in our programmes, while creating additional activities to supplement learning. We support under resourced schools, in remote locations to reach their full potential academically. Our organization has five programmes that cater to all primary education curriculum needs.

Our programmes:

Family Maths Programme

Family Maths Science and Literacy

Teacher Development Programme

Learner Support Programme

Material Development Programme


Count is devoted to excellenence, we pride ourselves in providing world class services.

  • We operate in three Provinces – KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo and North West

  • We have programmes in 49 schools – Nationwide

  • 16 726 Learners in 2019– Nationwide

  • We have 11 ECD centres– in KwaZulu Natal

Count is an NPO organization, should you wish to make a donation please contact us.


  • Develop Primary School Mathematics teachers’ understanding and undertaking of transformative classroom practices.
  • Engage in academic maths programmes in partnership with academic institutions.
  • Train facilitators to implement educational transformation, create and sustain partnerships with government, businesses and like-minded NGO’s.
  • Engage and build participation of all parents and caregivers in the mathematics learning process with the assistance of our family maths programmes.

The Co-operative Organisation for the Upgrading of Numeracy Training (COUNT) was established in 1989, the focus was to assist in teaching and implementing innovative world standard numeracy education. The first ever programme was launched in the Eastern Cape.

In the early 90’s COUNT, our former Director Penny Smith established offices in Johannesburg and this was a new dawn for Count. COUNT launched Saturday school programmes, catering for rural school children in Lanseria and Krugersdorp farm schools.

Every Saturday throughout the year COUNT transported children to attend fun maths classes, using innovative equipment to implement learning and development. Encouraging pupils to learn maths and drawing solutions whilst providing expert numerical learning.

As the organisation expanded nationwide experts joined the team, assisting with tutoring the learners on Saturdays, introducing games and puzzles to solve complex maths problems. As COUNT’s reach grew, new partnerships were formed. COUNT collaborated with colleagues from Utrecht, Netherland and Holland to introduce groundbreaking mathematical programmes.

In partnership with students from the Etho-Mathematics group in Mozambique a hands-on workshop was developed. The programme incorporated the use of indigenous basket weaving designs to develop ideas around geometry and patterns. This was our first introduction of Etho-Mathematics, which is the study of the relationship between mathematics and culture.

To date we operate in three different provinces within South Africa, with a wide range of programmes, which are:

  • Family Maths Programme
  • Family Maths Science Literacy
  • Teacher Development and Support Programme
  • Learner Support Programme and Material Development

At COUNT, we believe a winning nation is a numerate nation and strive to be industry leaders in numerical education and development.

Be experts in mathematics education and development in Africa, through innovative mathematical education approaches for learners, parents and for teacher development. We strive to build a South Africa where all learners learn maths with understanding and pass maths with at least 50%.

1. Teacher Development Programme (TDP)
2. Family Maths Programme (FMP)
3. Family Maths Science and Literacy (FMSL)
4. Learner Support Programme (LSP)
5. Material Development Programme (MDP)

A numerate nation is a winning nation

[Established in 1989,for more info email: info@countafrica.org]